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We are Dutch!
The Crafty Spot is an idea of Loes Verhoeven from The Netherlands.
Loes, a 37 years old mom and art director, founded the Dutch version Freubelweb in 2010. Some 186 years after the first ever published crochet pattern that appeared in the Dutch magazine Pénélopé in 1824.
With only some precious time for herself in the evenings she found herself searching the internet for hours and with no time left to actually make them. Loes thought that could be made easier for women like herself so she started collecting free patterns and putting them together one by one, sharing her findings with the ever growing community of crafty women until reaching 1,000 free patterns in oktober 2012.
In nearly two years time Freubelweb became the biggest online crafting community of The Netherlands with also lots of visitors from outside of Europe. Therefor in 2012 the english sister website The Crafty Spot was launched.
Loes also published 4 books about crafting and sold more than 80.000 copies. She is now working on another series of books with her own designs and is an inspirator for lots of crafty women.
Every day together with her great staff she tries to put together the best free patterns to inspire more and more other women to get the best out of themselves and to make beautiful ideas come alive. It's all about sharing those wonderful moments when you finally made something yourself.

You can contact Loes and her staff if you wish more information of have any questions.

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